5 Essential Articles for the App Marketing Expert

If your summer has been anything like ours, it’s gone by in a flash. But there have been some important updates in the world of mobile marketing that you won’t want to miss, even as you’re jetsetting to Postback or enjoying some extra sun. Dive into the most popular mobile marketing articles of June to ensure … Continued

Webinar: Navigating Location-Based Mobile Marketing

There’s no better time to be a mobile marketer, and our next webinar is going to show you exactly why. With more than 85 percent of smartphone users never more than three feet away from their mobile phones, you have access like never before into your customers’ schedules, whereabouts, and activities. You can deliver relevant … Continued

The Mobile Marketing Tactic You’re Probably Overlooking

As a talented app marketer, you likely have a few tricks up your sleeve when it comes to mobile marketing campaigns. Maybe you’ve got a killer app store optimization strategy, or have attribution down pat. But if you haven’t incorporated proximity marketing into your campaigns — that is, marketing to consumers through their smartphones, based … Continued

Mobile Minute 12: Marrying Mobile Analytics and Business Analytics

Mobile analytics data is rich, detailed, first-party, and incredibly valuable for understanding your customers’ needs, desires, and contexts. It’s also often siloed away from all your other business data. Fixing that is a challenge, but it’s a challenge that both and-mobile and mobile-first companies need to tackle: Often, your very best customers are the ones who … Continued

Press Play: Catch the Top Mobile Marketing Webinars on DVR

You’ve got a lot to tackle between preparing, measuring, and optimizing your mobile marketing campaigns. Your friends at TUNE realize it can be tough to squeeze a webinar into your schedule, no matter how committed you are to staying on top of industry trends and best practices. That’s why we’ve compiled this playlist of top … Continued

Mobile Developers: This is the Most Important Slide in Mary Meeker’s Internet Trends 2016

Good news: you’ll soon be making more money. Legendary VC and securities analyst Mary Meeker released her bible of internet trends today, and there’s one slide that mobile developers and publishers will take special interest in … her overview of how mobile is still under-indexed on ad-based monetization. (Of course, there’s one to worry about … Continued

Mobile Marketers Get Higher-Quality Users with Playable Ads

Mobile advertising has evolved over time with new formats and technologies to help marketers meet their campaign goals and reach new users. Video ads are becoming a standard for many marketers because it’s easier to convey a clear message and engage consumers. Some mobile advertising companies have identified potential concerns about video and other ad … Continued