People Actually Do Want THIS KIND of Mobile Advertising

Everyone hates mobile advertising, right? Well, actually, not really. In fact, people seem to kind of want relevant, timely mobile advertising. We’ve seen that emerge from recent TUNE research in two different ways: what people will pay to remove ads, and what privacy settings people enable on their smartphones. See more in this week’s Mobile Minute: … Continued

CMOs on Mobile Data, Audiences, and Ads

This year we are bringing together groups of CMOs who are winning in the mobile economy for our global CMO Connect series. These selected CMOs are leading their organizations with clear vision and bold innovation and are ready to share their insights with other CMOs and marketers who are looking to stay ahead of the curve. In our latest CMO Connect conversation, … Continued

5 Things You Need to Know About Mobile Ad Blocking

The mobile marketing industry is buzzing with what mobile ad blockers could mean for advertising and publishing alike. Much of the conversation implies the end of advertising as we know it — but could ad blockers actually mean better advertising for everyone? That was the sentiment of Tom Goodwin, SVP of Strategy and Innovation at … Continued

Connecting the Mobile Marketing Puzzle Pieces: Product & Marketing

Mobile marketing is tough. In fact, mobile is probably the fastest-moving and most competitive market ever, which is precisely why you don’t want to add challenges to an already-difficult problem. But mobile marketing has a serious and significant problem: team integration. “The pieces aren’t joined up right now,” VentureBeat journalist, analyst, and director of marketing technology … Continued

5 Ways to Detect and Prevent Mobile Fraud

Mobile ad fraud represents one of the most daring challenges for mobile marketers today. According to White Ops, ad fraud cost digital advertisers well over $8.6 billion in 2015. Another study, which AppLift conducted together with leading fraud detection solution Forensiq at the end of last year, indicated that 34% of mobile programmatic traffic is at … Continued

Free Webinar: Deconstructing the Mobile Marketing Funnel

If you’re a traditional marketer gone mobile, or a mobile marketer interested in learning more about the tactics you should be employing at each phase of your marketing funnel, you won’t want to miss our next webinar: “Deconstructing the Mobile Marketing Funnel.” Register for the Live Webinar Register today to find out the important differences … Continued

How GrubHub Uses a Fun Feedback Loop to Re-engage Mobile Users

How do you keep mobile users in your app? And how do you re-engage them every day, or every week? Popular food delivery startup GrubHub has figured out this core marketing challenge with something the company calls its “mobile feedback loop.” We asked GrubHub CMO Barbara Coppola how it works. Marketers know that it’s critical for brands to have … Continued

Have You Heard About the New Mobile Event Series in Seattle?

TUNE has been on a mission to make mobile marketing better for everyone. You’re probably thinking, how does a 350-person startup headquartered in Seattle even begin to do such a thing? Well to start, we’ve built some pretty cool marketing technology for both the supply and demand side. HasOffers gives thousands of businesses around the … Continued