The Best of Mobile Marketing in March: Our Top Articles

Becky Doles

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Last month, readers weighed in with an unprecedented number of comments about apps in gaming, apps in the election, and even apps in our new Mobile Minute video series. Below are the top five most popular mobile marketing articles in March, as chosen by our favorite marketers in the biz: our readers.

Free Webinar: Pro Tips for Conquering Gaming App Marketing

Don’t miss this dream team of pro gaming marketers who are combining forces on April 19 to help you acquire more users, stand out in the app store, and increase your ROI. Register today to attend the live event, or to grab yourself a copy of the slides for future reference.

Drive More Downloads by A/B Testing Your App Store Assets

App Store Analytics’ powerful new beta release, A/B Testing, allows you to test your app’s title, icon, screenshots, videos, and description to determine which versions of your assets drive higher conversion and downloads. Read how to launch the feature for yourself.

10 Basic App Marketing Terms for Mobile Beginners

Get the lowdown on 10 essential app marketing terms that every mobile marketer should know, without getting bogged down in technical definitions. This is an article you’ll want to bookmark.

Step Right Up: Get Something for Nothing

Everyone loves something for the low, low price of free. Check out this article to snag yourself a free TUNE Marketing Console Account to boost your app’s app store ranking with App Store Analytics, measure the effectiveness of your mobile ad spend with Attribution Analytics, and engage your users with In-App Marketing.

10 Things You Need to Know About Mobile Marketing in 2016

The web and mobile are converging, mobile ad blocking is on the rise, and app download rates are stagnating. There’s a lot to keep up with in 2016, and falling behind could have major repercussions for your app’s success. Read this article for the major mobile marketing trends of 2016, and what you can do about them.

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Did you come across any must-read mobile marketing articles last month? We’d love to hear! Tell us in the comments below.

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